Crescent Falls

Aug 2, 2013

My first of many stops on this day.  I would return to this waterfall, as promised.  Crescent Falls is a roadside waterfall, however it is down a 3 Km dirt road.  There are guard rails which guide you alongside the cliff for a short walk down stream.  For this reason I would say this is a family destination, and as it was on my venture to these waterfalls.
The benefit to the David Thompson Highway (and all of Bighorn Backcountry), is its lacking popularity.  As I mention that this is a family destination, and that it is a roadside waterfall, be sure you're not mistaking this with the over crowded destinations such as Athabasca or Bow Falls.  In either case, this is a must see destination, along with many, in along this highway.

Crescent Falls is actually a two tiered waterfall, as above pictured is slightly downstream of the waterfall pictured below.  Both of these falls are responsible for distributing the majestic blue colour to theHighway system.  For that reason I enjoyed every minute of this visit, as the David Thompson Highway is the best Alberta has to offer!