Stelfox Falls

August 3, 2013

This waterfall was a surprise for me as I was not expecting anything this early on my hike towards the Coral Creek Canyon (roughly 100 meters).  What also escapes me is whether this exists on a regular basis, or if it is only found due to the high water levels this summer.  The next time I go for a trip to this area (and I will!), I will have to investigate this small 2 meter fall.  As for now, I'm going to call this Stelfox Falls; named after the mountain it descends, as the creek goes unnamed.  If anyone has a specific name for this creek or waterfall, feel free to comment and let me know.

From what my quick analysis of the trail, it didn't seem that the water naturally falls over the road regularly enough to make an actual creek bed.  Though the creek was wide enough on this day to cause me to cross on a fallen tree.

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