Coral Canyon Falls

August 3, 2013

Truth be told I expected more of a distance on this hike.  I'm approximating a 4.5 Km distance from roadside to canyon.  The actual view of the trail doesn't really pick up until you start getting closer to the canyon.  However the return hike is extremely rewarding as you're walking into the horizon with Abraham Lake and mountains in the distance.  Also there are multiple camp sites on this part of the trail.  This means if need be you can always rely on these sites the night before starting a longer hike out towards the Cline River.

The trail doesn't seem to gain much in elevation after the first real hill climb; although by the time you make it to the canyon you are many meters above the Cline River.  The view at this point makes the straight line 4.5 Km walk well worth it; as the hike until that point is smothered by tall trees on either side.  Though I would consider saying this is a family friendly hike, the edge of the canyon cliffs are open and drop off quickly.  I would keep this in mind before you make this a family destination.

Most people use this portion of the trail to connect with Pinto Lake at the other end.  Though I haven't gone the entire way, nor have I seen Pinto Lake yet, I would recommend starting the trail on the opposite side as the hike towards the David Thompson Highway as it gets better as you go.

As for the actual Coral Canyon Falls, there located under my feet in these shots.  I was able to hear them but not witness their glory.  When I bring myself to return to this waterfall I'll be sure to bring along an aerial view so I'm able capture the waterfall.  As from where I stood I was unable to imagine a better vantage point, even considering the oposing cliffs.

Upon my return to this area I will continue my way along the Stelfox loop, as there is a waterfall named Triple Punchbowl Falls.  The mere sound of this is alluring enough to make me want to return.  Not to mention the view along this magnificent highway.