Bertha Falls

August 31, 2013

A short and easy hike to some waterfalls is exactly what I was looking for upon landing in Waterton Lakes National Park.  The Bertha Falls hike did not disappoint me. I got exactly what I was looking for in the short 2.6 Km hike. Should one push twice as hard; in another 2.6 Km you will make it to the lake and the upper falls.

For a short simple hike this was a rewarding waterfall in size and display.  There is a nice path that goes up near the waterfall to allow people to photograph it, or you can stand on the bridge and take in te beauty from there.
The trail head is a real short distance from the town campsite, as a result this is a popular trail.  Though sadly the trail is not very wide for people to easily pass by.  What boggles my mind further is the ability to take a horse down the path, but not bike.  With such a narrow path I was surprised to notice signs which allowed travel by horse. It may be due to the long weekend that the trail was extremely packed, however I did manage to make a short video on my way to the falls.  Although, during my time in Waterton I never noticed anybody taking up horseback on trails.
The popularity of the trail did remind me of Johnston Canyon and the look of the waterfall reminded me a lot of Hayes Falls back in New Brunswick.  As the length of the trail isn't very long and the difficulty extremely easy, I can suggest his as a family destination.  You won't need anything aside from a camera bag with you to the lower falls.  In fact I walked past a number of families on my journey this day.