Cameron Falls

Campsite companion
 Aug 31, 2013

This is an extremely popular town-side waterfall.  This is comparable for me to Bow Falls or Athabasca Falls (In Banff NP & Jasper NP).  Though this isn't as popular in terms of pure numbers, it is just as popular per capita as the waterfall rests on the side of town only mere seconds from the campsite.

After only being away from the camp for minutes, there was a friendly visitor next to the tent.  She seemed very relaxed and friendly to humans, as are the remaining deer in the park.  Though this goes as a forewarning as they roam in the area, and will still attack if provoked.

This isn't the only popular animal this time of year.  You are very likely to encounter bears in this park, both Grizzly and Brown or Black.  Although I'm glad I never had Yogie join me at my campsite, I did see some on the country side around the park.  At this time of year they are in a very high food consumption phase before hibernation.

That all said the waterfall itself is very beautiful, and comes with some history.  There are plaques at the site of the waterfall which depict the early times of Waterton Lakes National Park.  From the parks conception as a fishing and hunting park to its discovery of oil.  They are worth a quick read, and lends depth to the history of the region.

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