Hell Roaring Falls

September 1, 2013

If I'm honest this was waterfall was a bit of a let down.  Judging by the title, I was expecting some huge waterfall with whopping noise.  In truth it wasn't as big as I had in mind, and it was hard to photograph with no point to stand and look at it.  After looking around the area I did notice that the waterfall was conducive of a much larger performance in the spring.

The hike to this waterfall is found in short distance from the docking spot at the Crypt Lake boat landing.  However that said it isn't an easy jaunt over to the falls.  The incline on the Hell Roaring portion of the trail is substantially higher than the normal switchback trail towards Crypt Lake.  My recommendation echos that of the boat crew; leave this for a return trip, as downhill is always easier, and this will help you with budgeting time for boat pick-up. This waterfall will add another one kilometer to your distance traveled, and would be sitting at roughly 3.4 Km from the dock.

As mentioned above, I believe this waterfall can be much more enjoyed in the spring when the water is ragging down the creek.  As I managed to catch it at the end of the summer, it's no wonder I was let down.  Which leads me to mention that the trail to Crypt Lake may be much more difficult in the spring; due to the areas on the trail which look like can be washed out.  This waterfall trail didn't seem to have too much troubles for spring washout.  However if you're looking to do the entire Crypt Lake trip, then you may want to be prepared to cross some streams.

The Hell Roaring waterfall is still within the low ends of the elevation gain for the entire Crypt Lake trail.  As a result you're still within the maze of green trees and flowers.  As depicted below the trees are in abundance and the trail narrow.  Keep a partner handy in these trails as Waterton Lakes is an extremely popular bear country.  Don't let this alarm you, as long as you carry a conversation Yogi and his cousins won't likely bother you.

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