Twin Falls

September 01, 2013

Within the first third of the Crypt Lake Hike, you'll experience these waterfalls in some dense vegetation.  From the Crypt Lake landing to about just past Twin Falls you're encased within the treeline and all the lovely flowers and small critters that go with it.  This will be he first of at least 4 Waterfalls you'll encounter on your hike towards Crypt Lake.

At 3.5 Kilometers in you'll encounter this dual waterfall after weening through all the narrow paths with the tall vegetation.  There will be the occasional moment where you look up ad remember that the immense mountains are still there overlooking your journey.  Once you reach the waterfall this realization will be found.  As you near the 3.5 Km mark you'll be hiking with your head towards the few clouds, looking up at the sculptured framework of each mountain.

The crypt Lake hike is very powerful and stunning as the trees will leave you behind shortly after this waterfall, and the trail will offer you more in the coming turns.  With that in mind, be sure to enjoy your time in each terrain.  What one portion might offer won't be found around the next bend.  This aspect is very unique, and I dare say specific to this region.  I mention this as Waterton Lakes National Park is a park based on this principle.  The prairies are unsuspectingly meeting the Rockies in this region, as the mountains sprout out of the ground, seemingly from nowhere.

I'm sure the mountains here aren't as tall as those in Jasper or Banff, and the Lakes aren't as large as Abraham Lake or Spray Lakes; but I would say this small hidden gem, is just that, and then some.  Few places in the world will you see a Billy Goat or Ground Squirrel as your Customs Agent / Crossing Guard.  So for this park you may need to throw out the book if your looking the the biggest or baddest.  Because the Crypt Lake hike will go down as one of my all time favorites; and the Twin Falls portion is only the beginning.