Burnt Rock Falls

September 01, 2013

I truly did enjoy Burnt Rock Falls, and the canyon, even though this is the part of the Crypt Lake Hike that is the most difficult.  The upwards incline in elevation increases dramatically at this point.  It's also important to note that if you started your hike at 9:15 or 10:15 from the ferry, then this will also be the first time the sun will show its face.  As a result the heat will increase right at the point that the elevation does as well.  Don't let this bother you or discourage you from attempting this trail, as this waterfall and its scenery is well worth the effort.

Between Twin Falls and Burnt Rock, you will experience a huge change in scenery.  The greenery, life and vegetation that surrounds Twin Falls will slowly disappear and you will enter a more mountainous terrain, which is where you're able to start seeing above the treeline for the first time.  You're immediately surrounded by some magnificently carved mountains, each one with it's own unique sculpture; and in the case of Burnt Rock, coloured differently as well.

Sitting near 5.6 - 6 Kilometers I found myself awestruck by the beauty of the mountains in this region.  The red argillite surrounding the waterfall itself was enough for me to stop dead in my tracks.  Not to mention the size of the waterfall, near 15 meters tall it was very enjoyable to watch it drop off the cliffs and wet the limestone downstream.

Around Burnt Rock Falls you'll have plenty of time to enjoy the heights of the peaks nearby, as you're no longer within the vegetation of the first third of the hike.  You're starting to get above the treeline and looking left and right offers stunning views of omnipotent mountains.  Though with that in mind, you're still climbing from here to Crypt Lake, and it doesn't get any easier.  This is where the difficulty picks up a little, and you're going to enter the last third of the hike.