Cavell Falls

October 13, 2013

I managed to stumble on this waterfall as pure luck.  I pulled over at a sight seeing area on the Mt. Edith Cavell road and heard the rush of water beneath me.  Lucky for me there was another man pulled over as well and he confirmed that the waterfall did exist below, and even that there would be another one further down stream.

The pull over area is just before the Mt. Edith Cavell parking lot, near the hostel at the end of the road.  Here is where I would walk down towards Cavell Lake and find  the water crawling over and under the large boulder sized rocks.  The water sounded like it was rushing pretty hard at some points.  However as this is late in the year, it seems as though all the good power from the rushing waterfall has ended.

I never managed to walk further downstream to investigate this apparent second waterfall, however I made the conscience decision to return in the early wakings of summer next year to get a better view of both of these waterfalls.