Moonlight/Chantilly Falls

November 10, 2013

Beginning at Wedge Pond and following the trail to the Evan Thomas Creek, this was a short 3 km hike.  The weather was a little temper mental with us on this day, as we would find overcast during the entire hike, which would bring about some light flurries later in the afternoon.  Aside from the overcast, the weather wasn't too bad.  The flurries at the later part of the day was extremely large and fluffy.  Like a scene from a movie, it would be a welcoming part of the surrounding environment.

The trail from Wedge Pond to Evan Thomas creek; most famously known as the Wedge Connector, is actually a nicely gravel flat trail.  This seems to be a perfect cross country ski trail for people looking for their first time.  On this day we would hike in, which ends up being the only option in the post Southern Alberta Floods of 2013.  After hiking for roughly 2 Km you encounter where the washout has torn apart the trail.

Once you make it to the first bridge the evidence of the floods comes into clear focus.  The sheer might of the rushing water had come crashing into this heavy foundation, and caused it to sink on its southern side.  However not only did it rock the foundation of this once sturdy bridge, it also swept away the 2nd bridge completely.  Partially resting up against the hill side, roughly 100 meters out of position; the second bridge was no more.
Where the second bridge had washed out, the trail had all but disintegrated.  When there was once a horse trail to follow along, there is now a creek bed.  Having never taken this trail before, my group spent a good deal of time analyzing the area for traces of "what was" and "what could still be" a trail.  With an etch of the map in our minds, we pushed along side water's edge in search of both Moonlight and Chantilly Falls.

Having no bearings of where on the trail we would find these waterfalls, we hiked with our heads up high as I let my waterfalling experience do our leading.  We would eventually come across what was once a decent sized waterfall.  Now covered with snow and washout debris, I had no knowledge of which waterfall presented itself in front of us.  I'm also not sure if this was a result of the floods, which cause the hillside to become a waterfall short term.  However I'll let the picture do the talking, and hopefully we're able to churn up whether I managed one of the above two goals.

As far as I managed to research the waterfalls I sought, were on the Wedge Connector, near the bridges, where Evan Thomas Trail intersects.  This one was the only one I could find at these coordinates.  Perhaps until I get a better view of what this area once looked like, I will claim this as one of the above.

Chantilly Falls