French Falls

Dec 14, 2013

My snowshoeing adventure would take me to French Creek.  Having just purchased new snowshoes, I was ecstatic to put them to the test on this path.  With 3 waterfalls to spot this seemed like a good ending to my year of 2013.

Sadly though I would not spot the 3 waterfalls as I failed to understand that the beginning of Burstall Pass is actually where you need to start in order to connect to the French Creek snowshoe path.  On this day I would travel along the creek in search of the waterfall, causing me to spend more time wandering and missing out on the first waterfall which should be apparent after 1.8 Km.

At the parking lot for Burstall Pass you will begin by passing the Hogarth Loop option, and commencing the Burstall Pass, in under 0.4 Km you will come across a outlet path going in a southern direction.  This is the French Creek snowshoe path.  Unlucky for me I found this out after spending my day and daily energy.

On this -20 C journey I did however manage to put my snowshoes t good use, and really enjoyed my choise in shoes.  This could most likely mean that I will be doing another snowshoe in a very short turnaround!  With Chester Lake across from this area, and these 3 yet to be claimed, I could be adventuring back to Kananaskis sooner rather than later.

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