Cascade Falls

Jan 19, 2014

With new book in hand "Ice Lines: Select Waterfalls of the Canadian Rockies" by +Brent Peters I discovered the whereabouts of this waterfall.  Having passed it on the highway a few times unknowingly, I now know to return in the Summer to witness what changes in this area.
Just like in Brent's book, the waterfall is easily found and accessed after taking the Lake Minewaka exit (Banff town exit) towards the lake.  right after the exit you will traverse over a cattle gate and immediately on your left you will have a parking spot available to you.  As this is a relatively popular ice climbing area, the parking lot will be kept plowed in the winter months as well.

For those interested in ice climbing this area I would resort to Brent's book on details, as he has a pretty comprehensive detail of this as well as other climbs.  However those just seeking waterfalls can be reassured that the parking lot is a mere 200 meters from the edge of Cascade Mountain.  This means there is no effort in hiking needed as this can be enjoyed by all travelers.

Judging from the look of this frozen sheet, it appears to me that this waterfall drops for a good distance before slowly cascading down the rock face of Cascade Mountain.  I would suggest returning here when water levels are high in order to witness a much more vibrant waterfall.  In lower flow months it may be more difficult to see the full potential of the cascading water.  I'll best determine this with a return trip in warmer months.

Rogan's Gully

I also noticed another smaller 15-25 meter waterfall off to the side of Cascade Mountain.  I'm not certain enough yet to give this a name, however I will update everyone once I do a little more digging.

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