Crowfoot Glacier Falls

Jan 18, 2014

After being nose deep in maps over the past couple weeks, I discovered the existence of this glacier waterfall.  Crowfoot Glacier is on the south side of Bow Lake in Banff National Park and can be seen from the pull out on the road.  Well marked with signs the sight seeing location is even plowed during the winter months.  However what's not marked is the trail going to this glacier.

Some maps mention it exists, however I haven't seen a guidebook that acknowledges the presence of this trail.  As a result I decided to scout the area an photograph from afar.  From what I could see in the winter, the trail is mostly gone.  Although I did see some cars parked further south, I never explored the trail that they were using.

With little knowledge to go on in terms of trail length and little proof of its existence, I decided to return in the summer months in order to get a better scope of the area.