Canmore Falls

March 8, 2014

With two waterfalls on one of the inter-town trails, what more excuse does one need to get out and be adventurous.  Across the road from Quarry Lake (the off leash dog park) and a really short jaunt from joining the tourists in town these waterfalls are truly one of the easiest to access.  With the winter settling the area was much better to attempt to access, however still not inconceivable.

I would mention though that the area has much more to offer in the summer months.  As the trees and surrounding vicinity would be more complete and vibrant with colour.  Nonetheless I still opted to stop by and have a peek.  The first thing I noticed was a nice perch for me to sit and take my shots of the waterfall.  It couldn't be more inviting for me to do so on such a nice day.

Granted though the angle of the bench wasn't as opportune for photographing the entire waterfall, I will wait until the summer months when scaling down the icy ledge won't cause me an issue with scrambling back up.  On this trip I would park at the Quarry Lake dog park and walk across the road for a quick shot of the waterfall.  I didn't put a complete effort in getting a great angle as I knew the summer would give me so much more in terms of liveliness.  I was also getting hungry and wanted to stop in town for some good food in Canmore (for that I know nobody blames me).