Heart Falls

March 8, 2014

At roughly 3:15pm  we would set off on this trail, not knowing what to expect in this region.  Close to the highway (in fact right off the highway is the parking lot), you are given 3 options on very different trails.  One trail in the summer is a known biking-hiking trail (Bow Corridor Trail) the other is a commonly known scramble into the nearby canyon.  Finally is our Heart Falls route on the Heart Creek Trail.

This day the aim was to merely scout the area for future return.  At roughly 3Km in length I made an assumption that for me to properly film during the sunlight I would have needed to start a little earlier (I can't afford those "apparently cheap" night vision cameras you see on Paranormal Activity).  I quickly enjoyed my decision as the area was washed out from the spring floods of 2013, as the first bridge you come across was completely misshapen and thrown up and out of its original position.

This first section of trail we would cover 700-850 meters, which is along the side of the highway.  Both visually as well as the sound of cars cutting the wind as they pass by our location was a bit distracting from the hike.  Where we stopped was a few feet in from the highway into the direction of the creek. The snow wasn't high by any means (at least where we traveled), and the water was parting the ice in the creek bed.  The taste of spring was underway in Kananaskis Country. 

I also felt it would be better to take in the different look that would be afforded to me in the summer or late spring.  The trees and vegetation in the area would definitely benefit from lush green surroundings.  Perhaps it was just me wishing for summer to finally roll around the corner, but I feel as though this hike and its scenery is better taken in during summer months.