Walk For WIldlife

March, 2014

My plans in April to hike in the David Thompson Highway (Bighorn Backcountry) region, have taken a stronger purpose.  I've decided to take part in the +Canadian Wildlife Federation and their #WalkForWildlife event.  The proceeds go towards the Species at Risk and supports those Canadian species affected or threatened.

So far I've registered my hike on the Corral Creek trail, and will try to get out more often.  I have full plans to record my hike and will hope it helps further support the CWF and this event.

If you're interested in joining or supporting the Species at risk feel free to follow the link:
Canadian Wildlife Federation - Walk For Wildlife

On an aside; I've also updated this site to hold a CWF banner at the bottom of the page; in support of all the efforts they do in protecting Canada's Wilderness.