Charlton Falls

August 2, 2014

I don't think there could have been a more stereotypical Canadian experience.  Paddling on a glacier melted lake in the Rockies with loons serenading you.  This lake is none other than Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park.  Camping the night at Fisherman Bay only topped the experience of a true Canadian outing, with pica, red tailed squirrels and deer a plenty in the area.

The paddling into Fisherman's Bay was perfect; sun with few fluffy clouds.  With the mountains in the distance this accentuated the postcard experience on Maligne Lake.  The distance to the bay is 13Km from the Maligne Tours boathouse.  Having only stopped a couple times on the way in, mostly in order to take in the view happened to allow me to expose the Charlton Glacier Falls.
I set off with Teardrop Falls in mind (15.5Km), however on such a beautiful day and having captured a waterfall already.  I decided to shore up the canoe and play in the glacier water with the girlfriend.  Yes the water was cold, however it was time well spent to top the day off.

Charlton Glacier

The Throne
As this was a planned overnight trip, I chose to stay at Fisherman's Bay; which to my surprise came with picnic tables, Bear lockers, fire pits & outhouse (named The Throne).  There are evident rules in regards to fires as this is a back country site.  You are not to disturb the living trees, or harm dead still standing ones.  You must collect and forage for the dead branches and logs laying on the ground.  If this puts a damper on anyone's trip, then I say purchase a Bio-Stove and embrace the true Canadian outback.  On the topic of True Canadian experience, nothing says Canada as using "The Throne" in the woods while Bambi's mom stares you down two feet away.

Perhaps sometime next summer I'll budget for a return trip to the lake and complete Teardrop Falls.  As Fisherman's Bay is 3 hours from the boathouse I feel like adding another (near) 3 Km to my day could mean this is a possible day trip.  Only 2015 will tell.