Entry Creek

August 17, 2014

I haven't yet been disappointed by the views or the endless breathtaking moments in this region.  Having started my summer off on the other side of Cline River and having completed Corall Creek for the CWF and their Walk For Wildlife; I thought this was only fitting to end my summer on the other side.

The first thing I will forewarn people, as normal, this trail lacks sign posts or indicators.  The main portion of the trail for the first while is part of the Pinto Lake Trail; which does have markers and the occasional tape.  On this day I would be fooled by the creek crossing and what I was told was 4.5 Kilometers to start Entry Creek was in fact meant as 4.5 Miles.

As I was alone, I wasn't able to easily recuperate the energy lost in all my backtracking, and as such wasn't able to push further than the start of the trail.  Though I come back with having mapped the trail for future use, and have a few camp sites in mind, which weren't on any brochures or maps that I could find.  As well, I now know that you start on Pinto Lake horse trail for the first 7.5-8 Kilometers before turning off to Entry Creek.

From what I noticed on my trip there was a make-shift camping site at the first creek crossing, just after the bridge.  This is within the first couple kilometers, and didn't appear to be in a nested location, so I ignored this as a "true" camp site.  Although it might suffice, and I have no idea of the water flow, but it was right on the edge of the creek and at the base of a cliff; two reasons I disregarded it.

The first campsite I found that was to my liking, was at about 4.0 Kilometers.  It was nested after having hiked down a hill.  The typography was flat and nested between two difficult hills, the second of which brings you down to Sentinel Creek.

You will cross the creek and climb up a steep hill to walk along the ridge of the canyon wall.  The view from up top here is stunning.  However this was where I went wrong, as mentioned above, I should have kept to the more packed trail which had a hand carved arrow to point me in the direction of what was Pinto Lake (not named on sign).  So at this divide should you continue up the intense climb along the ridge over looking the creek, you would be following the O.D trail circut.  The climb will progress for at least another kilometer, as the next camp site (the one to which I halted my journey), is at roughly 6.0 Kilometers.

With my "Give A Hoot" CWF shirt