Website re-design/updates

September 17, 2014

I've made some minor adjustments on the site again.  This time I've added the province as an interactive Google Map for waterfalls I've tagged across all of Alberta.  There is a small map off on the left hand side; however I've also included the same map (though larger) under the maps section.  I hope with this interactive map you are better able to browse the site for waterfalls in your area.

Another minor change; the recent videos has been bumped from the bottom of the page to the side bar (just below links to videos).  This was done to be more user friendly while looking for videos in relation to the hikes.

Enjoy the slightly changed and added features!

October 05, 2014

Another update for the website coming soon!  I'll be taking a break before my much anticipated return to the Rockies in late October.  Although during this time I've found some new artistic photographic talent that I'm excited to implement!  In late October, for the first time I will be exploring Photo Spheres / 360 Degree Panoramic photos.  I hope to put this to good use in providing more visual exploration of the waterfalls in the Rockies!