Elbow Falls

September 27, 2014

Another easy roadside visit, this time in the Bragg Creek, Kananaskis Country region.  Sadly this day was overcast with a very wet misting rain.  Also, this being my first time in the region, I regret not having a few shots of how this area looked before the 2013 floods.  As you may tell in some of these shots there has been severe damage brought on from the rush of water over a year ago.

What once could have been a nice picnic area, with some fire pits and off shooting trails, is now settling in from the burst of water it faced in June 2013.  The good news is the parking lot and outhouses are completely in tact.  It appears that the water didn't reach that area, as the trees and vegetation near the parking lot are fully in tact, almost like nothing ever happened.

Once you pass the first couple steps into the woods you're eyes are opened to the devastation that came through.  With picnic tables and benches in shambles and partially logged into the shores, it was impressive to see the power of Elbow River and how it was capable of uprooting cement.

There will be some rebuilding to happen here for the next little while, however the waterfall and your ability to witness Elbow River are completely in tact.  I would easily say this is still worth a stop over if you're in the area.  If nothing else this area has a lovely colour coming from the changing leaves.

Another good news story is the viewing area for the waterfall itself is still holding together enough to safely view the waterfall. However as I never saw the waterfall prior to this day, I have no idea if it, or the viewing area has been affected in any major way.  I also didn't put time into hiking along the Elbow River, so I have no information to bring back on the trail network around here.

I hope the wilderness in the area rebounds quickly to its old self and I can bring you some shots in the future.  However for now is stands as a recent look at the area.