O.D Falls

October 18, 2014

I could never get enough of the David Thompson Country and its many trails and trail network.  Of course I realize that this was my main go-to for 2014, but this remote region gives me plenty to enjoy time and again.  On this day I would return to the Pinto Lake Trail, where I last attempted to make it to Entry Creek Falls.  Knowing that a 12-13 Kilometer hike is a bit much to do for one person in a day, I set this as my futuristic goal and for now focused on the waterfalls and the creeks I passed on my way there.

Photo Sphere of David Thompson Highway

The first waterfall I bypassed in late September was O.D Falls.  I wish I could give you a background to the naming convention of this waterfall, however I'm coming up blank.  The name does come from the mountain ridge and hiking trail up O.D Pass.  Sadly that ends my investigative skills on the name.

The waterfall itself is at best a seasonal waterfall.  As I've passed over this in late September and again this time in late October, the water only trickles over he rocks.  However it does appear from the width of the wash out and from the underlying mud that this is actually a decent size in Spring and early Summer.  At under 2 Kilometers from the start of the Pint Lake trail off Highway 11 you cross this beautiful bridge which opens up the surrounding views for the first time.

This will be a waterfall I'll attempt again once the glacier run off is in full effect.  Though I believe it may be best able to view the waterfall if I choose a path along the Corall Canyon trail.  Only time will tell.

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