Sentinel Creek Falls

October 18, 2014

Just like my last post, this is a continuation of the Pint Lake Trail from Highway 11.  As I passed through this region last month with a huge goal of Entry Creek (12-13 Km), this time I set that as a distant goal and aimed to explore the creeks that I passed on my journey there.

The Sentinel Creek is found at the 4.5 Kilometer mark.  You can't forge this area as it is one of the most beautiful I've encountered in the region.  There are camp sites abound on both sides of the creek, which after having used them I can say they give you a remote back-country wilderness feel; despite being only 4.5 Kilometers from the road.

The creek first appeared to me as a waterfall may exist further up creek near the top of Sentinel Mountain.  However on this day I didn't have enough energy to travel up stream.  Although I did manage to clamber around down stream.
Just like O.D Falls this area looks like it gets much bigger during the spring melt, more so with Sentinel Creek than O.D.   The bridge itself is elevated much higher than I needed on this late fall day.  And the girth from shore to shore shows that there may be a large amount of water tat rushes along this creek in the spring.

Exploring the creek would sent me up and down cliff sides looking for what my ears could only tell was a small plunge in a narrow canyon.  Unfortunately when I explored down stream I would end up being legged up on the cliff side and unable to photograph a shot of the waterfall.  The video I took can properly describe the look and location of the waterfall for you, however I'll return in a Spring or early Summer and get some shots further down where a waterfall might present itself.

My first photo Sphere