Goals of 2015

Its that time of year again and I'm declaring my intentions for the year ahead.  Like years past I'll list out my (potential) plans for the year to start discussion from those exploring the site & to help myself properly plan for the year 2015.

The past year was used as a successful follow up to a list of waterfalls I've been attempting (in some cases) numerous times.  Some major goals were achieved; such as the completion of Snake Indian Falls in a day as well as further exploration within the chain of trails around the David Thompson Highway.

The coming year will have only three repeats in my "to-do" list, though most importantly will have the inclusion of some new Rocky Mountain territory for me.  I hope to branch out into this new turf and map while exploring these regions.  However, don't worry I won't forget my favorite locations from the last couple years!

  1. First goal on the list is a return trip to Waterton Lakes National Park in August!  All new waterfalls (and many to pick from) yet to be explored, so stay tuned!
  2. January I will be attempting to ice climb a frozen waterfall!  With more information on this I will be hopefully have some success story or stories real soon. (I even updated the site to be equipped to display a list of Ice Climbs)
  3. Through the summer I plan to take my bike out to new territory in the Ghost River.  This will begin my hunt in the park North of Canmore as well as "The Ghost" for the first time.
  4. Last but not least, the most exciting news; in the summer I have a horseback trip planned in Willmore Wilderness (another new park to me); north of Jasper.  Most important is I'm not the typical cowboy & neither is my friend (this could be an entertaining video).
Aside from these goals here are some other waterfalls that intrigue me, with 3 return trips in mind:
  • French Falls - Kananaskis Country
  • Fossil Falls - Kananaskis Country
  • McPhail Falls - Kananaskis Country
  • Triple Punchbowl Falls - David Thompson
  • Cline River Falls - David Thompson
  • Cardinal Falls - Whitehorse Wilderness
  • Whitehorse Falls - Whitehorse Wilderness
  • Agnes Falls - Banff National Park
  • Teardrop Falls - Jasper National Park