Ogre Canyon

January 31, 2015

As the sun came up on the Rockies I was hoping I would be exploring new territory in the foothills of Jasper National Park.  Ogre Canyon is found at the bottom tip of Rock Lake Provincial Park; bordering the East of Jasper National Park.

To venture in this area I learnt a few things this day that I wasn't able to uncover online.  Just West of Hinton you will take the highway north bound to Grand Cache; and continue on this road for a ways until there is a marked turn off for BrulĂ©.  Once you have taken this left you will follow the BrulĂ© sign until the end of the road; which comes to the fence (pictured above).

I passed a snowstorm on my way West and would encounter the new fresh powder on this road beyond the gate.  The sad story was my car didn't have the clearance for the snow, thanks to it being such a soft powder my car would struggle to stay afloat.

What I did manage to uncover is that the gravel road beyond the gate is 8Km until Ogre Canyon.  Though I would have snowshoes in hand, 16Km with no camping gear packed meant it wouldn't be smart to tackle this; until next time!

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