Canmore Falls

April 18, 2015

As promised I would return to the Canmore Falls area during the summer months to capture the waterfall during its full flow.  I wasn't disappointed, as there was no snow in sight this time which made photographing the waterfall much more elegant.

The hike is short if you choose to park at the Quarry Lake parking lot and cross the street.  As I had other plans that veered off from the Quarry Lake Park, It made perfect sense for me to venture across the street again and capture this two tiered waterfall.  As I had my puppy and girlfriend with me they were able to enjoy the off-leash area while I ventured around for waterfalls.  That being said, it was my intention to take the entirety of the trail from the town to the Canmore Nordic Center in order to come across Canmore Falls this time around.  Time was not on my side and I took the short route.  However that said the trail does appear to have some hills and valleys which cause me to believe this would make for a decent hike (should I have completed this with the puppy).

Upper Falls
The perch you are afforded to view the waterfall also provides a great view of town (as pictured above) which also lent me to thinking of how far the town has come in the last so many years in development.

Lower Falls
From a sprawling little hamlet the town has grown up and along the ridges to expand outward into the surrounding area.  Not that that phases me much as I still feel this would be a great place to live.  I also note with trails like this, the town is set up well for the environment and nature surrounding it.