Stones Canyon Creek

April 18, 2015

For this waterfall venture I threw a dart and was hoping the gamble would pay off.  From the Quarry Lake Dog Park I ventured up along a path that took me into Highline trail and continued further into the mountain's ridge.  This would only be a short hike, however I managed to investigate enough that wet my appetite for a future trip.

Sadly the water wasn't flowing from further up in the mountain, as was my problem with other paths during the other trips these two days.  Also the same story is true here as was uncovered at Grotto Canyon, where the floods of 2013 have done a number on the layout of the creek.  The beneficial thing in this case was that the trail wasn't gravely affected.

The Highline trail has been affected in areas due to this flood, such as that photographed at the very top; where a path once was, gave way to a widened creek.  However the layout of the trails and where they intersect the paths have been restored and for the most part are navigate-able like they once were before the floods.  Where in some trails in this area were greatly affected and look nothing like they once did, this path, and those I intersected didn't require me to do any investigating to pick up the scent of a trail that once was.

As I've intersected the Highline trail once before when navigating my way to find Three Sister's Falls, this leads me to believe there may be some more off-shooting trails up along the ridge of these mountains that may lend a couple more waterfalls.

Though as the water wasn't flowing, it left me wondering what this may look like during the summer months.  As I was too early and eager to capture this waterfall, all I managed to receive were pictures of slopped topography and rocky dry creek beds.  Inevitably it would be my girlfriend that would uncover some more waterfall locations while talking to people at the off-leash dog park.  None of which pointed out any of my presumed locations along intersecting paths on the Highline Trail; however her and my puppy Loki came back with some more locations for me to uncover in the future.