Morro-Hawk Canyon

May 30, 2015

This trip was to redeem my May plans of biking in the Ghost Region.  Though I didn't bring my bike, I did bring man's best friend along with me.  As my girlfriend and her uncle were tourists in Jasper for the day, I had only a couple hours with my puppy on this mountain.  I would caution when bringing a dog along with you that on this mountain I have always seen goats, in a large 20 plus size family as well as the biggest cougar tracks imaginable. 

As I've just mentioned this area is home to a massive goat family, and like every family they can be a little testy with each other.  That testiness is what caused me to climb back down the mountain in January and find another trail.  Lucky for me this time I would only encounter a portion of the family on my return to the parking lot.  And even luckier for me, my puppy (5 mo old) had no idea what the hooved beast was or how to approach it.

Though Loki managed real well in keeping up for the 5Km round trip, and in truth was most the time showing me how it's done.  I didn't end up giving myself enough time to achieve my goal.  Having stopped a few times for pictures and to provide water and shade to the puppy I ran short of the canyon.  However The Overlander Trail is really pretty, as you are scaling along the side of the mountain and have a view of the ranges across the highway.

With that in mind, I did stop at an opportune location.  As I gandered across to the mountain ranges that lay on the other side of the highway I spotted a frozen layer of ice dropping down Snaring Mountain.  I'm not sure if this unlocks, or if it is a permanent ice shelf, however I may have found another hiking path for me to accomplish in the future!
Snaring Falls?