Mistaya Canyon Falls

August 28, 2015

The last time, and only other time, that I've attempted this trail was during a harsh winter.  As a result my only other impression of this area was covered in a blanket of snow.  This caused me to write this off, believing that the waterfall was covered under the white stuff and not visible until summer.

Though this is only a 300 meter hike to the bridge there is much to be said about this spot.  Nested just south of the Saskatchewan River Crossing, this canyon opens a path to the Howse Pass. 

The waterfall I came to seek is actually sitting directly under the bridge.  The sad news is that it is not really possible to photograph without having some harness and ropes to hang off a cliff.  As I posses no Spider-Man skills, I've attempted to provide here what I could witness as a mere mortal.

I strongly believe that the path further along the Mistaya River will allow for more cascades of waterfalls.  Also the Howse Pass might also connect with a side trail in behind Mount Sarbach.

Furthermore across from the parking lot there sits Mount Murchison which I am also informed of waterfalls that are used in the winter as ice climbing locations.  Unable to see through the trees, I didn't spend time attempting to scramble up the peak.