Norman Creek Falls

August 27, 2015

This is a hike I've always wanted to try out.  With a naming convention of Sunset Pass, it made me want to sit the peak as the sun was setting.  I had my chance this time as I would be nearing the end of the day.  Other naming conventions of this trail could be called; Norman Creek or Pinto Lake Trail.

Only a 1.7 Kilometer hike to reach Norman Creek Falls, you will end up many meters in elevation shy of the actual Sunset Pass.  Albeit only a couple more kilometers, they are all up a steep slope; keeping in mind you already did elevation to reach the waterfall this pales in comparison to what is yet to come.

This waterfall was very surprising to me.  Having expected to be climbing the pass alongside Norman Creek, I didn't see any existence of the so called creek.  Not only was there no presence of the water, I didn't even hear a rush of the drop until I was nearly 100-300 meters from the actual waterfall.  The most impressive part was the size of the waterfall in absence of any distinguishing sounds or features.