Vimy Falls (Irish Dream)

August 7, 2015

My return to Waterton Lakes National Parks for the first time since 2013!  As I pulled into the park early before my camp site was available for me, I planned to do some easy hikes to waterfalls in the park.  I would pull over on the road towards Balkiston Falls and the Red Rock Canyon.  On the spare chance my girlfriend pointed out a waterfall on a mountain I didn't expect to contain one.  The glimmer of the water on a bright sunny day gave-way to Vimy Falls.

Though it's thin this waterfall drops for almost the entire mountain, even though I arrived late in the higher water flow season.  Also the distance from my pull over sight was immense and in need of a much better zoom lens.  I would recommend crossing the highway and heading into to the field where you might be able to take in the waterfall better than I have to offer here.

Update: just discovered that this is an ice climb in winter months; known to the ice climbing community as Irish Dream.

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