Waterfalls AB - Book!

I'm excited to finally release this amazing news!  Over the past two+ years I've been diligently working away at completing this guidebook and my work has finally come to fruition!

I first commenced this book back in the fall of 2013, scraping together some of my trips and attempting to form what then later became the guidebook.  With an ambitious goal to get this all together in time for Christmas, I had a task ahead of me.  First I needed to make sure to complete a bulk of my unfinished trips from past years.  This also led to my need to do a return trip in Waterton Lakes in 2015 to expand my small variety of hikes I attempted on my first time down to the south of the province.  I also made a great effort in pushing exploration in David Thompson, turning what was three completed trips into many.

Though I had many other goals this past year, once I had a response from a publisher on picking up my book and making this dream a reality, everything changed. Priority Printing has become a great place to help guide me through this journey, and full credit to them for putting up with this stubborn adventurer.

I will soon release information on how and where I'll be distributing the book.  I'll be making the first issues available within and around the parks, for the local communities.  For those that end up purchasing a copy, I hope you really enjoy what has taken me so long to produce.