Goals of 2016

Another year gone, and yet another to explore!

For the year of 2015 my biggest exploration was Waterton Lakes National Park, by growing that map tenfold.  Sadly my last two years of attempting ice climbing has resulted in uncompleted tasks; though I did start updating a map of ice climbing locations in the province!

The coming year will spur further what I started last year by opening up map locations more remote regions of the Rockies.  Some regions such as Rock Lake, Whitehorse Wilderness & Ghost River have many trails to be sought and explored!

  1. First off my sights are set high for exploration in Ghost River.  More specifically I want to explore the Malamute Valley & Claw Creek with my puppy Loki!
  2. Once the snow melts I plan to hit up Mosehorn Creek, commencing in Rock Lake and traveling through Jasper.  Though there are no mapped waterfalls in this area (and hardly maps at all), I'm confident I'll be able to uncover at least one waterfall.
  3. Whether by bike, snowshoes or on foot; I'll plan a trip to Whitehorse to conquer both waterfalls (Cardinal & Upper Whitehorse) which I've already labeled and tracked on this site (Feb 2016)
  4. Last of all will be a trip to Jasper in search of some waterfalls in the Fryatt Valley. This is a bike friendly location which means I might attempt this in the later summer months; all the while combining a trip to Maligne Lake for a Canoe adventure in search of Teardrop Falls!
Aside from these goals here are some other waterfalls I'm hoping to complete this year :
  • French Falls - Kananaskis Country (last attempted in 2013)
  • McPhail Falls - Kananaskis Country
  • Cataract Creek - Kananaskis Country
  • Triple Punchbowl Falls - David Thompson
  • Mount Elliot Falls (Elliot's Left Hand) - David Thompson (completed January 2016)
  • Peskett CanyonDavid Thompson  (completed January 2016)
  • Grotto Falls - Ghost River (last attempted in 2015)
  • Venus Falls - Ghost River
  • Cougar Creek - Ghost River
  • Waiparious Falls - Ghost River

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