Year Wrap-Up (2015)

2015 was one of my more difficult years; not in terms of hard trails, but in terms of getting out to explore.  I had a large number of events occur over the year that held me back from heading out to the Rockies.  As a result my list of goals for 2015 was mostly left undone.

There was a silver lining thought!  By the end of the summer I managed to kick my trips in high gear.  I explored a great deal over the months of July & August.  During this time I managed to cover Waterton Lakes in great detail, marking that as my most major achievement of the year!  A second positive to the year is the two new map locations I've opened up; Rock Lake & Ghost River.  Though I barely even scratched the surface on the waterfalls in these regions, nonetheless I felt it was time to branch out into more territory for the site.

Sadly, though I eventually did managed to kick the trips into high gear, I still didn't get out as much as the years prior.  This means the video compilation of the year-end may be a little lack luster compared to years past.  However, another new attribute to my trips this year was the addition of Loki!  My furry companion made many video cameos over the year and has become another pest in the house (like his father), nagging for more trips to the Rockies.