Drambouie Demon & Folding Curtain

February 14, 2016

Having located these two waterfalls has started a small change in my maps for the site.  As I had initially created a map for Rock Lake and a map for Whitehorse, I didn't have this area covered.  For now I've added these to the Rock Lake (which will now be known as Rock Lake & Hinton Foothills).  In the coming trips I believe I might be pushing more territory in the Hinton Foothill range, which may cause me to also meld Whitehorse into that as well.

The Dramboiuie Demon (photographed above) is a difficult one to find parking.  I pulled into the Overlander Lodge, however they appear to monitor parking for the lodge only, so I'm not confident to mention this as a parking spot.  I noted that there is the restroom area around the corner from the lodge; however note the hike to view the waterfall will be alongside the busy highway into Jasper.

The Folding Curtain, does have a better parking location; although the drive into the parking area is deceptive.  You will need to pull into the Folding Mountain Village; although the sign from the road marks Jasper Gates Resort.  Once you get further along the road you will run into a sign for private property, note that behind this sign you will enter the Folding Mountain Village.  No sign will mark this village until after you've gone past this private property sign.

Both of these waterfalls are found on Folding Mountain, and as a result I kept both ice climbing names.