Miette Falls

February 14, 2016

I first heard of this in search of ice climbs in Jasper.  I believe this one is called Rocky River Blues to the ice climbing community, however I went with a more proper title, denoting the Miette Range that it belongs.  The Rocky River is actually where this waterfall drains into, making it hard for me to commit to naming it after the river it later becomes.

I wasn't able to get a good enough angle of the waterfall from where I stood, however it is visible (mostly though a powerful zoom lens) from the Talbot Lake boat launch.  The picture above is from the pull over located in the middle of Talbot Lake, a couple kilometers further away from the waterfall.

I overshot the Talbot Lake boat launch thinking the bathroom stall located at the start of Jasper Lake would offer me a better view.  I was sorry to notice that the location was under repair with some heavy machines taking up the majority of the parking lot.  As I got a picture and was capable of noting this waterfall I decided that I would push onward on my journey looking for more ice climbs.