The Urs Hole

February 13, 2016

For a short hike a lot happened to me on this one.  Down the road from Cascade Falls, you will continue until the road ends (where in the summer you would have access to Lake Minewanka).  I pulled in closer to the gate and settled off the road.  In reading the signs I came to notice that the road is closed as it's an animal corridor in the winter.  This means it allows access for animals to roam and claim as their home during the off season.

Little did I know how true this would be, as I left my girlfriend and dog back at the car while I pursued up the road.  Loki needed to pee and water, so the short 200 meter distance up from the gate seemed like we could all benefit (after all I wasn't planning on leaving the sight of the road).  This would be true enough as I stayed on the road and would bare witness to the massive drainage to my left.  I took only four pictures and didn't get any closer, as I hear rocks move and pulled my camera away from my face to see two wolves.

Normally I don't include my wildlife encounters in these write ups, however given the sign and fair warning on the trail of the road belonging to wildlife I felt it important to note that in my opinion this waterfall may not be a smart ice climb for those looking.