Weeping Wall & Mixed Master

February 14, 2016

On my trip up from Banff to Jasper, I pulled over at the Weeping Wall to let Loki have some water and stretch his little puppy legs.  This isn't the first time I've stopped at this wall and it won't be the last.  Though this time I had a second look, noticing there was an additional ice sheet form.

The sheet was far off to the left of the Weeping Wall, and seemingly was detached enough to have it's own source.  Since this sheet was off to the side and at a slight incline from the Weeping Wall, I opted to give it a name.  In the efforts of keeping to the region's source name, I dubbed this waterfall Weeping Tear.

I would later come to know that this waterfall is actually known to ice climbers, and only forms occasionally.  The ice climbing community calls this "tear" Mixed Master. Good luck to those attempting this one, as it looks like it can be tricky.