Blakiston Falls

August 7, 2015

A common nearly roadside waterfall.  Blakiston Falls is only one kilometer of a hike in the Red Rock Canyon valley.  Though after the first parking lot area you tend to be submerged in the forest, the trip is short and the view of the waterfall is splendid from both afar and up close.

Moreover, this was a nice short hike to take Loki on.  With fair sized paths, I was able to pass by people with him on the leash and have no issues bumping shoulders.  Loki was also happy as he wasn't the only puppy in the area on this day.

Though this is a short hike you will not be granted a loop to return, and will need to travel back the path in which you came.  Don't let the Red Rock Canyon Loop confuse you of the path to the waterfall, as this path continues for an almost endless length deep into Waterton.