Carthew Falls / Buchanan Falls / Bertha Spring Falls

August 8, 2015

Quite possibly one of the biggest elevation inclines I've faced.  I would start my hike from town at the site of Cameron Falls and travel up in the height of the Rockies to Carthew Lakes following Alderson-Carthew Trail.  Truth be told I thought I would also uncover a waterfall for Alderson Lakes, although that didn't appear to be true, I did uncover one more in Buchanan Falls.

I'm told the path in the opposite direction is more simple, and more breathtaking.  I would have to agree, though only having done the distance of Carthew Lakes back to town.  In essence, half the distance backwards to me was enough to prove this theory true.  On the descent I found myself taking in all the surrounding peaks, the view from atop of Alderson Lake and even the view of town from along the edge of Bertha Peak.

Nonetheless, having gone from town upwards (the entire time) I did manage to track extra waterfalls.  Even though it appears as a small trickle of a waterfall, this adjacent picture of the Bertha Spring Falls does cut a small path down the edge of the mountain.  Since you are forced to cross this creek, you might as well take in the ambiance of a spring at the same time.  Sadly I wasn't capable of properly photographing the waterfall.  I chose not to damage the moss and vegetation in the area, as attempting to climb up the spring creek I could tell the vegetation was fragile.
I also noticed at the two and three kilometer mark that there was a thunderous sound from below in Carthew Creek.  I believe there might be another waterfall in Carthew Creek that drops just before it meets up with Cameron Creek.  The only problem is there's no possible way of descending into the creek bed to determine if my assumption is correct.

Alderson Lake

Later on my path I would hear this sound once more, albeit more feint.  I discovered that Buchanan Peak drops a small and almost unnoticeable waterfall down its slopes that meets up with Carthew Creek.  I was excited to see this waterfall as after hearing the thunderous sounds earlier on in the day and having not been able to capture them, this was an added treat.

Buchanan from afar

Only a short distance remained from Buchanan Falls until I met up with Alderson Lake.  Having taken a break at the lake I ventured the next 2.4Km until I found the Upper and Lower Carthew Falls.  Though the best shots I could amass of these two waterfalls were at a distance, don't let the size fool you as these both drop a great distance.

Lower Carthew

I believe the best time to view these waterfalls might be in late June.  As at this time of the year in early August all of these waterfalls were a little weak in their flow.  All of these photographed had much larger potential in their widths.  As a result perhaps a return trip for June in 2016 is needed to properly check out the size of these waterfalls.

Upper Carthew