Lineham Falls

August 9, 2015

The stop on the road after the Oil Exhibit on the way to Cameron Lake, Lineham is actually a short hike but quite a high elevation climb.  I packed my girlfriend and puppy in the car to tackle this hike with full anticipation of switchbacks through the first kilometer to climb the height.  Sadly I didn't get that ideal condition.

Instead I ran into a straight climb for the first three kilometers.  There was one switchback withing the first few hundred meters; however the remainder of the hike was open to the beating sun and scaled the mountain.

The relentless sun made the hike a little rough on my 7 month old puppy, though he managed well for his age and had the biggest smile (as he does on all hikes).  This said I must mention though the sun beating down and the hill relentless I did greatly enjoy the view of adjacent mountains.  The one bonus of no shade is no view askew from within the trees.
The last kilometer within the tree cover is a gentle relief, especially so for my puppy.  At the very end of the tree covered shade you open up to a view of Lineham Falls dropping down the ridge.  These larger falls are not easily accessible, and as a result of having a puppy with me I didn't get any closer.  Though the added good news is there is a smaller waterfall easily accessible at the bottom of the stream.

Despite this waterfall being smaller than its upper counterpart, I much rather photograph the lower one as it presents more of a beautiful style of waterfall.  Also since it was surrounded by the red rock, which is something unique to the Canadian Rockies.

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